Welcome To The Sistergood 🎉🤙🍾

Jess Whitby | October 21, 2021

Welcome to The Sistergood, we’re so glad you made it!

I bet you’re wondering what this is all about…

We’re a pretty unique group of young women in Meanjin (Brisbane). There's around 30 of us in total, coming from a range of different backgrounds, we each have our own unique stories and experiences to share.

We’re united by our love of footy at the Brisbane Lions, but there won’t be much footy chat here.

Instead, The Sistergood is our chance to put down the footy and chat about all the things that are important to us, and that might also be important to you.

It’s the things like confidence, identity, and self-expression, mental health, sport, and equality; the stuff that inspires us to Be Good and helps us empower each other to Feel Good.

This Is The Sistergood

So what can you expect to see here? Over the next few weeks, you’ll get to meet each of us and a learn a little bit about who we all are, before we dive into some of the topics that we love to explore outside of footy.

So grab your sisters because we can’t wait to share The Sistergood with you all.

You can follow us IG: @thesistergood TikTok: @thesistergood